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Online Ministry in Florence, SC

For People From All Walks of Life

When you need spiritual guidance, you can count on our online ministry in Florence, SC to help you find the way. At Royalty FM, we help those who need spiritual guidance, inspiration, counseling, and the word of God, regardless of race or sexual orientation. Our ministry caters to people of all races, colors, and sexual orientation. If you've been Scorned, Shunned, Looked Down On, Bashed, Put Out of a church.


Our online ministry is a place of prayer and we also have a conference call line that accepts everyone both in our community and around the world.  Royalty is in the process of acquiring our own facilities so that we can cater to you, your family, friends, and spouse in a Loving, Caring and Safe House of Prayer and Worship that our members, friends, and guest will be able to come fellowship, Worship, Praise The Lord, Get Physically Fit and learn a Healthy way of living, Learn how to become debt free the way it was meant to be and have TONS OF FUN TOGETHER.


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Online Ministry in Florence, SCOnline Prayer & Guidance

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Spiritual Guidance in Florence, SC

About Royalty FM

Our mission at Royalty FM is to make everyone better as human beings and as Christians. We all need that wake-up call to give us that extra kick in life, so we can learn to become better and help each other. By ourselves, we cannot get anywhere, but together there are endless possibilities for where we can go. We all need to be revived and rejuvenated in this world of togetherness.

It only takes one person to show the way and help others. We can't call ourselves Christians if we pass our fellow man in need and are not be willing to offer counseling for everyone. Our online ministry inspires others to be better Christians and help anyone in need, regardless of race or sexual orientation. We are all humans who are loved and created by God. Our purpose is to make things better for our neighborhoods, our communities, and The World. We teach all people about togetherness and offer so they can help others, as well as themselves. Learn More »


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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